aluminum castings
Lake Shore has been supplying quality aluminum green sand castings since1945, producing castings from sand containing no additives except water.

Our foundry is capable of pouring castings weighing from ounces to 200 pounds in aluminum ingot alloys of #43, #319, #356, and tenzaloy, and has the ability to produce small quantities.

Customers are as diverse as our products, using our castings in varied industries throughout the U.S. We mold armature castings with integrally cast ceramic magnets, popular labyrinth seals, head castings for filters, and lens castings. We can produce castings utilizing CO2 or shell cores.

All castings are manufactured at our foundry facility in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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Lake Shore Aluminum Castings
1817 Poplar Street
P.O. Box 3427
Erie, PA 16508-0427

Phone: 800-458-0463
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